When’s the last time you wrote on a physical chalkboard?

As technology and the digital age continue to skyrocket, education is leaning more heavily on web and cloud based tools. Many colleges and universities utilize online sites and apps such as Blackboard, Socrative, Symplicity, and Barnes & Noble for everything college – not just learning. Overall, higher education has adopted online portals to increase efficiency.

In today’s world, traditional hand-outs, packets and textbooks are nearly obsolete. Likewise, 300-student lecture halls are not as effective as interactive learning experiences – which many online mediums now offer.

Consequently, students like me must create and track more online accounts than ever before. In addition to email, social media, and banking, some courses require blogs, websites, class forums, mobile apps, and more. While balancing a rigorous course load, athletics, internships, clubs, etc., the last thing we want to remember is a login. This juggling often leads students to utilize the same three to five passwords across multiple sites, leaving their personal data susceptible to others. So, how can we save and remember everything? With RoboForm of course!

Just download and install the software to your computer and you’ll never have to remember or type another username or password again. Simply save each login once and RoboForm does the rest. In addition to saving your logins, RoboForm also stores bookmarks, identities, contacts, and SafeNotes – maximizing your cyber security and making it easier to use a computer. Best of all – it’s free to anyone with a valid college email address! That includes faculty and staff who also access multiple accounts on a daily basis. After all, lesson planning, event coordination, community outreach, etc. are no easy tasks.

RoboForm is a quick and easy way to cut remembering usernames and password out of a busy schedule – allowing you to save time and stay organized.  With one click I can access my math class’ home page and be working on my assignment in seconds.

So here’s to RoboForm – on behalf of college students everywhere I would like to thank you for making our experience less stressful. From rushing to class, practice and work, RoboForm plays a huge role in keeping my passwords safe and organized so I can focus on my everyday tasks.

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RoboForm is a unique product that makes your life easier and more secure. Trusted since 1999, millions of users across the globe have discovered the benefits of using our password management software.