2016 Spring Semester Welcome

Welcome back students, faculty and staff! Since schedule changes are never easy, especially after a long break, we’re passing along some helpful tips in hopes of making your transition a bit smoother.

1. Brush up on academics and RoboForm

Like school work, if you take a break from RoboForm it can take some time getting used to again – especially considering the frequent updates and new version releases. Many majors require both students and professors to stay consistent with concepts, formulas, software, or technology trends, and even reading a few pages each day before class can really keep your mind sharp; the same applies to RoboForm. If you’re still new to the software, or if it’s been some time since you last logged in, we encourage you to experiment with the features by creating passcards, identities, and exploring our tutorials.

2. Re-stock and organize

Students –Try to set aside some time for back-to-school shopping before your schedule becomes too hectic. Food, school supplies, and other groceries are essential to a well-oiled semester.

Professors and staff—Do your best to get classrooms and offices in tip-top shape before your hands are full again with students, meetings and busy agendas. We know it’s a lot to juggle! Organization is critical to making your life easier both on and offline. So, focus on organizing your life offline, and let RoboForm take care of your online organization.

3. Prepare for the semester’s workload

As students, you’ll need new textbooks and accompanying resources. Do your research early to find the best deals on books and other class requirements so that you save as much money as possible. RoboForm can also save you time and money because it’s FREE for anyone with a college .edu email!

4. Establish a game plan

Depending on your class standing (i.e. freshman, sophomore, graduate student, etc.) your goals and expectations will vary. Perhaps you’re looking to get more involved on campus, land an internship, or balance a master’s degree while working part-time. Whatever you’re doing, set a concrete plan with attainable milestones to reach your end goal.

As a professor, you may be invested in additional endeavors outside the classroom like writing a novel or conducting independent research. The learning certainly never seems to stop! As you know, such things require careful planning and added dedication. To increase efficiency while maintaining privacy, consider using RoboForm’s safenote feature for sensitive research information.

Good luck this semester! For more RoboForm tips and tricks, check out our YouTube channel. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on cyber security, features, contests, support, and the RoboFormU College Program.