A Change Will Do You Good

Some things should be changed regularly…

For years we’ve been taking a page from Gizmodo and Lifehacker’s playbook by encouraging our customers to join in the “Positive peer pressure” of National Change Your Password Day.

As a sign of solidarity, and just plain good ‘ole cyber security, we ask you to join us in changing the passwords to your FIVE most sensitive accounts. Now before you gripe and groan, we all know updating things can be a hassle, and passwords are no exception. But as with any hassle, both the effort and the consequences only seem to grow with procrastination. So, in an attempt to save you from a potential future “oh no! I should have…”, pencil in a bit of time this Monday, February 1st to up your game against those pesky, no good hackers out there. Still need a bit more motivation?

First – the facts 

– Cybercrime has become an increasing threat, affecting everyone from individuals to companies big and small

– As of August 2015, the average cost of cybercrime attacks in the United States amounted to 15.42 million U.S. dollars*

– The most common type of attacks were viruses, worms and trojans*

– Security challenges increase as technology advances

-Strong passwords are a key element to protecting you against cybercrime.

– Two-factor authentication can increase the security of your passwords


Strong and Unique, Can’t be Beat

Strong passwords are harder to crack; it’s that’s simple. Wondering what defines a “strong” password? Here are some helpful guidelines:

Do Not Use:

– The same password across different sites.
– Names, places, and common dictionary words

– Numbers or letters in the order they appear on the keyboard


– Include numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters

– Paraphrase, abbreviate, and combine in unique ways (e.g.: WOO!TPwontSB = Woohoo! The Packers won the Super Bowl!)

– Change them often

– Utilize a password generator for assistance

-Securely store and manage your passwords with a Password Manager


Exclusive RoboForm Deals

You know how important a strong, secure password is; now it’s just a matter of follow through. In recognition of National Change Your Password Day, and in an effort to increase cyber security, we’re offering two special promotions.

From Monday, February 1st through Wednesday, February 3rd, we’re offering a 1 year FREE RoboForm Everywhere license for first time users and a 20% discount on RoboForm Everywhere renewals.

If you’re already a RoboForm user, consider spreading the word; Be it in person, over email, or even social media. Help those you know can get started today with a free year of RoboForm Everywhere! Click here to take advantage of this promotion. 

For renewals, please follow these steps:

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