Month: January 2016

A Change Will Do You Good

You know how important a strong, secure password is; now it’s just a matter of follow through.

Re-introducing RoboFormU

Do you remember RoboFormU? Introduced back on January 20, 2015 our college targeted program focuses on increasing cyber security across U.S. colleges and universities. As part of the program, anyone with a valid .edu email address can receive the full benefits of a paid RoboForm Everywhere license for FREE.

Stay protected with SMS One Time Password (OTP)

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, protect your Everywhere account with a One Time Password (OTP).

Don’t Be Lazy With Your Passwords

It is easy to use the same password for every account, but this also makes it very easy for hackers to access your passwords.

Weak Passwords Mean Data Breaches

Studies across the board indicate that weak usernames and passwords are one of the top causes of data breaches…